Love Your Shoes, Love Your Feet

Soles and Heels of Mississippi brings you a selection of only the highest quality products. If you see it in our retail shop, you can rest assured that it is a product we stand behind. You will find an extensive array of professional quality products to waterproof, protect, polish and condition your leather items. The items we sell are the same ones we use on your leathers.

Anything shoe and boot related that you can think of is also available on our retail side:

  • Shoe Trees
  • Shoe Horns
  • Shoe strings and laces
  • Insoles for increased comfort and to address issues like plantar fasciitis.

Proud Allen Edmonds Shoe Retailer

Why is there only a limited selection of shoes for sale at Sole and Heels?

It takes a lot for us to decide to stand behind a product and when we do, it’s because that product embodies everything we believe in. That’s why we are proud to be an authorized retailer of Allen Edmonds men’s shoes.

American made Allen Edmonds shoes are handmade from the highest quality leather available. For the past nearly 100 years, the company has been creating their high end men’s shoes using a 360° Goodyear welt to attach the insole to the upper, a method far superior to modern shoe fabrication. That makes the difference in quality when you choose Allen Edmonds shoes.

When you purchase a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes, you are making an investment in your personal brand and your comfort. With the right care, you will enjoy your shoes for many years to come.


Luxury Accessories For You

You’ll also find a selection of high quality belts, wallets and purses available in our retail center. Each of these items has been carefully selected for exceptional craftsmanship and quality. Whether you are looking for a product of quality for yourself or a gift for someone special, we have luxury items that are built to last.


What You Won’t Find

The products we carry are ones we use in our workshop or high-end leather wear that we have carefully selected. You will not find plastic or vinyl shoes, boots, wallets or purses here. If we sell it, we can repair it.So you know when you choose a high quality item from our inventory, it’ll be a part of your wardrobe for years to come.

Find a local shoe repair shop that offers you outstanding service and the best products available. Come visit us at Soles & Heels today.